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"Levels" was composed by vocalist Bilal Oliver, marking the first Revive Big Band arrangement I wrote for Bilal. It is favored and recognized as one of RBB's most popular and influential arrangements, often emulated by many big bands and orchestras due to my unique arranging approach on this song.


This composition, titled "Levels," was collaboratively crafted by producer and artist Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra. There was a time when Revive Big Band did not go without performing this epic song, making it the premier single in RBB's forthcoming debut album! If you wish to experience the dynamic and melodic brilliance of this arrangement, a downloadable MP3 will be made available with the future release of our album, "Like A Tree It Grows." As always, we encourage you to stay "tuned" in to all of our updates - pun intended!




  • Hip-Hop/Hard Bop Jazz
  • Big Band
  • Hip-Hop



This arrangement showcases Igmar Thomas on trumpet, whose performance begins with multiple layered trumpets employing deliberate cascading lines and tasteful stylings to begin what is a very inventive multi-tracked trumpet solo with many effect pedals and supporting counterpoint background solo trumpets.

Moreover, the solo section at both letters "I" and "J" allows for a tasteful soloist to highlight their musicianship. Various instrumentalists may also opt to play the solo (which has very basic harmony). Thus, this arrangement is great for a modern-day vocalist and can be versatilely employed for many diverse performances.


  • Vocalist, 5 Saxes (Tenor Sax Solo), 4 Trombones, 4 Trumpets, Drums, Electric Bass, Keyboard, Guitar



  • College/University
  • Amateur
  • Professional



  • Downloadable PDF - Music Director Notes directly from Igmar
  • Downloadable PDF Score
  • Downloadable PDF Parts
  • Downloadable MIDI MP3's



  • "Levels," composed by and featuring Bilal, is another popular arrangement on RBB's debut album "Like A Tree It Grows." This arrangement aims to showcase the unmistakable vocal stylings, phrasings, and versatility of the phenomenal Bilal fused with the artistic influences of Igmar's own unique arranging styles.
  • For optimal performance and efficacy, this arrangement mandates the expertise of a seasoned and strong brass section and, more specifically, lead trumpeter(s). Using two interchangeable lead trumpets may be advised as well. The piece can be performed adeptly with either a vocalist or a proficient, featured instrumentalist (that would play the vocal melody in place of the vocalist).


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