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"Thelonious" Composed by Thelonious Monk, has become a jazz standard and has been recorded by many other musicians over the years. It remains a popular and influential composition that showcases Monk's unique approach.


This particular composition, entitled "Thelonious," was jointly crafted by Monk, J Dilla and Igmar Thomas. However, it is Igmar Thomas' creative arrangement that has solidified its position as a defining piece in Revive Big Band's repertoire. If you wish to experience the melodic brilliance of this arrangement, a downloadable MP3 will be made available on our forthcoming debut album, "Like A Tree It Grows." As always, we encourage you to stay "tuned" in to our updates - pun intended!




  • Straight Ahead Jazz/Hip-Hop
  • Big Band
  • Hip-Hop



This arrangement showcases the renowned Nicholas Payton on trumpet, whose masterful performance pays homage to Monk through his deliberate Monkt stylings and the exquisite tonal quality of his trumpet.

Moreover, the open solo section at letter I allows for various instrumentalists to take the lead, although the arrangement is originally composed for tenor sax and piano. Thus, this arrangement can be versatilely employed for diverse performances.



  • 5 Saxes (Tenor Sax Solo), 4 Trombones, 4 Trumpets, Drums, Upright Bass/Electric Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Guitar



  • College/University
  • Amateur
  • Professional



  • Downloadable PDF - Music Director Notes directly from Igmar
  • Downloadable PDF Score
  • Downloadable PDF Parts
  • Downloadable PDF Solo Changes
  • 2 Downloadable MP3's - MIDI & Live Show Performance!



  • "Thelonious, Thelonius", a featured arrangement on RBB's debut album "Like A Tree It Grows", stands as one of the band's most defining pieces. This song has served as a soundtrack to many of my cherished jam sessions, embodying a sense of camaraderie among fellow musicians. The arrangement aimed to showcase the unmistakable harmonic stylings and rhythmic phrasings of the legendary Thelonious Monk, fused with my own artistic influences, including J Dilla. At the tail end of the piece, I incorporated my own unique touch to create an original rendition of the classic. 
  • For optimal authenticity and efficacy, this arrangement mandates the expertise of a versatile and imaginative drummer fluent in both Jazz and Hip-Hop. The piece can be performed adeptly with either upright and electric bass or solely with electric bass throughout the entirety of the composition.

Thelonious, Thelonius

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